House warming

Posted: February 19, 2011 by tinatherrien in Uncategorized

Yesterday there was a rush to get the finishing touches completed on the Ti Kay Pay. The front doors were hung, trenching was done for drainage, the interior bamboo wall was started (until we ran out of materials), and the finishing touches of paint were completed. Oh, and some initial landscaping.

Samel installs bamboo into the partition wall

The front doors...finally installed!

We hosted an open house in the late afternoon for people on the base here at Grass Roots United, so there was an incentive to finish- that, and the fact that Mark is leaving today, and I’m out of here tomorrow. Andy will be here until Tuesday, but hopefully, he’ll actually take a couple of days off.

A spead of good food & punch attracted the base to the Ti Kay Pay

We staged the building for the party yesterday, and our guests were really impressed by the beauty of the building, and by the finishing touches of bamboo, indirect lighting, etc. We are all really proud of the house, and it felt good to show it off to folks from the base.

We'll complete the partition wall as soon as more bamboo arrives

  1. village12 says:

    I see you used bamboo for part of this house. May I ask where you got the bamboo? I’m building a school outside Leogane and would be interested in where you located that material. Great stuff.

    Thank you,

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