On the home stretch with flying colours…

Posted: February 15, 2011 by tinatherrien in Uncategorized

The front doors aren't yet installed, but they sure do look great on the front of the house. Andy looks pretty good too!

The Ti Kay Pay continues to see improvements daily. All of the plastering is complete, and today, Annio & Jean Louis applied the first coat of whitewash inside. The lime that Andy has had slaking for over a week is still really chunky- we sieved it through hardware cloth & window screen to separate the chunks from the smooth cream. Some people are natural painters…while others are not. I may help with the cutting in on the subsequent coats! We’re going to put a bit of yellow ochre pigment into the final coat of limewash, to give a nice creamy bright finish inside.


The earthen floor is gradually drying out. I asked Chad if we could borrow a fan to hasten the drying, and he brought us over the mondo fan from the dome- thanks, Chad! It’s working brilliantly- will allow us to get the finish coat on! We have to build the interior wall, do a bit of framing & either plastering or painting to close off the trusses on one section of ceiling, box in the electrical, etc. before we can do the finish.

Mark worked on electrical for the day- getting the PV system up & running.  A little bit more problem solving and we’ll be there. I can hardly wait until we can light up the Christmas lights on the galeri and christen the Ti Kay Pay.


Mark spent the better part of the day in the baking sun, working on the solar hook-up. We're almost there...Christmas lights on the galeri tomorrow, with any luck!









It was really exciting to see colour go onto the shutters- it really dresses up the building. We have a rusty red for the foundation, but are looking for something a bit darker, so will mix a bit of black paint into the red. It feels like we’re on the home stretch…


I really think these shutters are sweet. The colour looks terrific with the plaster.


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