Posted: December 29, 2010 by tinatherrien in Uncategorized

Reunited once again!

It’s my last day here. Andy Mueller arrived last night, so that means that the project will continue on without any break, and it will be easier to reach the target of completion for January 12.

We have started installing corner mesh and stitching, some parging of the earthbag foundation has occurred, and I was able to test some plaster recipes. The ‘clay’ that has been wheelbarrowed over to the site is quite variable, indeed. There’s not a really high clay content, at all, but in the tests, it has stuck fine to the slipped walls. The rubble sand isn’t screened fine enough for finish plaster, that’s for sure, but can be used in base coats, at least for the earth plaster.

We’re STILL waiting for the lime…this is 6 weeks of waiting, I believe. I’m told that the lime is sitting in a yard in Jacmel, so at this point, it’s just a matter of someone going to pick it up. It sure would be good to get it slaking!

Jean Louis & Annio were both overjoyed to see Andy again

Jean Louis & Annio, attaching X bracing

– there was a really strong bonding and connection when he was here for his first stint.

The wiring just arrived yesterday (and Andy brought some too), so that has to happen before we can plaster the interior. And the lime has to arrive before the exterior can be plastered…

Mixing cement for the foundation parging

So, I came to help plaster the Ti Kay Pay, and instead, tweaked walls & top plates, put up trusses, and steel roofing, and then did more wall tweaking. It was good to at least spend a bit of time playing with mud- it would have been a lot of fun to get muddy with Annio & Jean Louis, and I’m sure other Grassroots folks would have come over to join in the mudfest.

The house will be in good hands as I pass the baton on to Andy. Happy continuation!


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